Child Protection

application/pdfAvaliação de risco sobre a reabertura segura das escolasA Save the Children (SCI), como parceira estratégica do Ministro da Educação, decidiu realizar a avaliação nas escolas das sete províncias onde a SCI opera para evidenciar os possíveis riscos para as crianças e professores em relação à reabertura de escolas e fornecer recomendações sobre medidas que devem ser tomadas para garantir um processo segurode reabertura de escolas. Esta avaliação foi feita em Agosto de 2020.14/12/202018MB
application/pdfSave the Children's Universal Child BenefitsTowards Universal Child Benefits. This presentation brings an overview of Save the Children's efforts to end child poverty. It has a snapshot of our work in Mozambique, showing why it is important to prioritize investments in child focuses social protection. You will also learn about the Case for Universal Child Benefits (UCBs); examples of Save the Children’s Work from across Africa. A Q&A section will help you get some answers for some of your questions. 19/10/20205MB
application/pdfCHILD SENSITIVE SOCIAL PROTECTIONAt Save the Children we advocate for a particular approach to social protection, namely Child-sensitive Social Protection (CSSP). We define CSSP as:Public policies, programmes and systems that address the specific patterns of children’s poverty and vulnerability, are rights-based in approach, and recognise the longterm developmental benefits of investing in children. Click to read more.13/10/202011MB
application/pdfProtect a Generation: The impact of COVID-19 on childrenSave the Children's global survey on the impact of COVID-19 on children’s lives and their families shows that two thirds of children had no contact with teachers during lockdown situations; eight out of ten children believed they had learned little or nothing since schools closed. Read the full Report here.16/09/20204MB
application/pdfThe impact of COVID-19 on children & their familiesThe COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the education of children from the poorest backgrounds and is widening the gap between rich and poor, and between boys and girls. This new global survey by Save the Children shows that in the six months since the pandemic was announced, the most vulnerable children have disproportionately lost access to education, health, food and have suffered enormous protection risks. See the Mozambique's snapshot in this document.16/09/20203MB
application/pdfImpacto da COVID-19 nas crianças e suas famíliasA pandemia da COVID-19 teve um impacto devastador na educação de crianças de origens mais pobres e está a aumentar a distância entre ricos e pobres, e entre rapazes e raparigas. Esta nova pesquisa global da Save the Children mostra que nos seis meses desde que a pandemia foi anunciada, as crianças mais vulneráveis perderam desproporcionalmente o acesso à educação, saúde, alimentação e sofreram enormes riscos de protecção. Veja o resumo de Moçambique neste documento.16/09/20203MB
application/pdfCOVID-19 impacts on African Children.The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented with the virus spreading in almost all countries in the world. In Africa, 54 out of 55 countries have reported at least one COVID-19 infection. Luckily for Africa, confirmed COVID-19 cases remains comparatively low, at 158,000 as of June, 3rd, which is partly attributable to early and decisive action taken by many African governments as well as a youthful population. However, COVID-19 pandemic has hit Africa not only as a health crisis, but also as a devastating socio-economic crisis that persist over the months and years to come. This policy paper underscores that, although children do not represent a high risk group for direct COVID-19 fatality, the pandemic posts far-reaching secondary impacts that heighten risks to African children’s rights and wellbeing. Read our Pan-African Policy Paper of COVID-19 impacts on Cchildren in Africa08/06/20202MB
application/pdfSCIMOZ COVID-19 SITREP#6Leia o sexto Sitrep da Save the Children Moçambique sobre a COVID-19, fornecendo uma visão geral do contexto actual em Moçambique e destaques de alguns dos trabalhos que a Save the Children realizou na semana passada como parte de nossa resposta nacional.05/06/20204MB
application/pdfSCIMOZ COVID-19 SITREP#6_ENRead Save the Children's Mozambique COVID-19 sixth sitrep, providing an overview of the current context in Mozambique, and highlights of some of the work Save the Children has been doing over the past week as part of our national response. 05/06/20204MB
application/pdfSCIMOZ COVID-19 RCCE Rapid AssessmentThis Save the Children in Mozambique (SCIMOZ) COVID-19 rapid assessment on Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) was conducted through household surveys with adults and children (9-18 years old), with a total of 768 surveys conducted across 6 provinces: Cabo Delgado, Nampula, Zambezia, Manica, Sofala and Gaza. 05/06/20203MB
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