Emergencies and Humanitarian

Save the Children in Mozambique respond to the floods, drought and cyclone and response preparedness in the main impact areas. Throughout COSACA, a humanitarian consortium operating in Mozambique from 2007 comprised by Concern Worlwide, Oxfam, CARE and Save the Children (lead). Save the Children in Mozambique intervening in emergency context supporting communities in covered shelter and distribution of NFIs, WASH (hygiene promotion, latrine construction, repair of water sources, distribution of chlorine), Education (school rehabilitation, provision of school kits, teachers’ training), Protection (setting up of child friendly spaces) and Food Security and Livehood (such as the provision of vouchers for seed fairs).

Seed fairs during drought response in Funhalouro district, Province of Inhambane. Photo: Z. Isac Mundiara, Save the Children/2017.

The coordination efforts led by Government provided an important forum for planning and reporng together the response with various actors which brought benefits and sharing of resources, and also helped strengthen the capacity of local partners and local Government. Save The Children, in the COSACA context, played a critical role in using the forum to highlight Protection issues and foster Child Friendly Spaces, psychosocial support and need to put in place accountability mechanisms as well as promotion of education in emergency. 

We have a dual mandate, as such we work on development issues and in the context of emergencies. We work on Risk Reduction and Disasters (DDR), emergencies and contingency plans to reduce vulnerability to humanitarian crises of children and their families, providing shelter and support to recover and re-establish their lives.