Crianças beneficiárias do projecto de educação básica do distrito de Guija interior da província de Gaza. Foto: Z. Isac Mundiara, Save the Children/2016

We believe that all children have the right to learn in a safe and happy environment. We will work with families and communities to enable children to develop learning skills in the years leading up to school to ensure children learn to read and write within the early years of primary education. We will ensure no child’s learning stops because they are caught up in a crisis situation.

We support the development of early childhood, basic and inclusive education, with interactive learning methodologies and tools aimed at Literacy Boost in the initial classes for the development of the Quality Education Program (QEP) as well as support school health and nutrition programs, teacher training and school councils, and the construction of school infrastructure.

Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD); Basic Education (BE) and School Health and Nutrition (SHN), integrating all components wherever possible. ECCD was implemented through the Sponsorship Program (Nampula).

Promoting early literacy through ECCD and Literacy Boost (LB) approaches is a particular focus, contributing to achievement of the Breakthrough. Advocacy related to scale up of Literacy Boost `was a key focus at local and national level, in partnership with Ministry of Education and Human Development. We have worked closely with IFPs (Teacher Training Institutes) in Gaza, Tete and  Nampula to develop and implement action plans and coordination systems for roll-out of Literacy Boost and establishment of In-Service Teacher Training Groups at District and schools levels. 

Save the Children in Mozambique rolled out the Quality Learning Environment (QLE) framework and review of the Education Result Framework.