Save the Children supports flood victims in Gaza

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Save the Children has almost 3 decades of experience in emergency response in Mozambique. Within the framework of the Consortium (COSACA), financed by the DFIF, which includes non-governmental organizations, Concern Worldwide and Care International-Mozambique, Save the Children, the world's leading independent organisation for children,  , distributed aid from a 747 airplane in Maputo, carrying 12,500 tarpaulins and other essential items for the emergency response in Gaza Province. This support has been facilitated by a generous donation from the International Organization for Migration within the Central Emergency Response Fund appeal of the United Nations. The tarps donated are sufficient to house more than 6,000 families affected by the floods, and could help approximately 15,000 of the most vulnerable children; these supplies will be distributed in the affected areas, along with local government and INGC (National Institute for Disaster Management).

After offloading the tarpaulins and ropes from the airplane, the equipment was brought to Xai-Xai by truck within 48 hours, where the distribution occurred together with INGC, Samaritans Purse and the International Organization for Migration. In Chiaquelane accommodation center, the largest in Gaza province, the distribution occurred per community, where families sat together waiting to receive their shelter kits. The most vulnerable families had been identified by the community leaders and the tranquility amongst the people demonstrated their relief with the arrival of the shelter supplies. There are numerous government and international organizations working together to reach families and children affected by the floods in Gaza, and the distribution of the shelter equipment was a demonstration of the joint effort to deliver emergency relief to the most vulnerable families,. There is still a great need to help families affected by the floods in Gaza province, but important steps are being taken every day to ensure that the aid is delivered;

Save the Children has several activities in temporary centers such "Child-friendly Spaces" to ensure children have a safe and protected area to play, under supervised care. Save the Children will continue to support the Government in this emergency response.