Friday 23 October 2020

Save the Children in Manica province, central Mozambique, donated yesterday, October 22, about 170 tarpaulins in response to the National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC) request for support to minimize the damage caused by the October 10 thunderstorm in that part of Mozambique.

The province of Manica was hit by a storm, characterized by strong winds, heavy rain and hailstorm, causing human losses and material damage in homes and public infrastructure, with a focus on classrooms without roofs, and the provincial deposit of medicines, which was left without roof in the vaccine conservation section.

Part of the tarpaulins when they were loaded from the Save the Children's warehouse in Manica


Due to the urgency of the situation, 10 tarpaulins of 24 square meters each were immediately directed to cover the roof of the provincial medicine deposit, vaccine conservation area, which remained completely roofless for consecutive 11 days ago, conditioning the conservation of the vaccines.

Xavier Isidoro, from the Provincial Directorate of Health, thanked Save the Children for the gesture and assured that the support that the organization has given to the Government in several areas is a major contribution to minimizing the challenges in the province of Manica.

10 tarpaulins immediately benefited the vaccine warehouse that was in this state for 11 days