Mobilization actions for adherence to birth registration boost changes in parents and caregivers.

Wednesday 18 July 2018

In the periphery of Maputo city, in the neighborhood of Maxaquene, we find Lúcia Soto, who besides not having her documentation up to date, is the mother of four unregistered children.

Children with 10, 6, 3 years and the last one less than one month old would not have enjoyed their immediate right because their mother was not yet clearly informed about the importance and procedures for birth registration, "I didn´t know how to proceed, I don´t even have documents myself", says Lúcia, a resident of the Maxaquene neighborhood, in Maputo city.

Lúcia Soto with her children

Lúcia Soto is a woman with few resources. She lives in a rented house that can only be maintained thanks to the solidarity and support of her neighbors who know very well her difficulties. Lúcia has never been registered and due to the lack of knowledge, since her childhood matters about birth registration have never been part of her priorities.

In fact, through actions implemented in Maputo, Gaza, Zambézia e Nampula, within the scope of the social mobilization project for cleared adherence to the civil registry services (eCRVS), which include debates, lectures, home visits among other forms through which we interact with the communities, parents and caregivers as is the case of Lúcia Soto, so they can learn and become aware of the importance of birth registration. "I was visited by a group of activists which in a friendly and comfortable conversation clarified to me the necessity of registering my children", explains Lúcia.

After understanding the importance of birth registration and through the given assistance, Soto adhered to the birth registration in a clear way, so that in her own words exhorts all parents that for some reason may have not registered their children yet, "let´s all register our children and ensure that all of them enjoy their right to a name, identity and recognition by the state".

Lúcia Soto in domestic activities

On the other side, Esmeralda Mondlane and Ester Nhancale, both conservatives of the civil registry of Maputo, appreciate the actions of sensitization, because through these efforts, they have seen increase of parents and caregivers in the conservatories, in such a way that "we have a daily average of 22 children's registrations, from zero to 13 years old, which represents an improvement compared to moments before the beginning of the social mobilization to join the civil registry services, where we could spend a day without even one birth registration", they explain.

Ester Nhancale, Director of the Second Civil Registry of Maputo

However, further clarification of the importance of registration of birth registration is still necessary in order to have parents and caregivers to register immediately since "in the maternities where we have registration posts, such as José Macamo General Hospital and Chamanculo Hospital, people may have their babies and leave without registering", says Ester Nhancale, Director of the Second Civil Registry of Maputo -



Mobilization and awareness-raising activities for the registration of birth registration and other vital events (eCRVS) are the initiative of the Government of Mozambique, funded by the Government of Canadá through UNICEF and with the support of Save the Children and partners.