Children's Parliament leads awareness actions for ready registration!

Tuesday 9 July 2019

Since 2010, Adelina Hermenegildo Massango has been a member of the children's parliament in Magude district, Maputo province. The girl, like many others her fellow parliamentarians of that district, participated in the training on legal aspects for the birth registration.

Adelina Hermenegildo Massango, Member of Children’s Parliament.

This effort of the Government of Mozambique, funded by Government of Canadá through Unicef with support of SavetheChildren and partners, aims essentially to enlighten people about the importance of birth registration as well as take them to awareness of prompt registration - #NasceuRegistou!

For Adelina, the opportunity meant a lot. It was in that she improved the slight knowledge which already had about the registration. "Everyone who lives in a society and particularly speaking about my district, Magude, must be registered. What helps the governmental bodies and not only, to best guide for benefit of the communities, always adding the greatest value to ourselves", says the girl.

The same learning is shared by the other parliamentarians, so matters of birth registration are already a part of the agenda of the children's parliament in Magude district.

After the training that provided to parliamentarians, the possibility of addressing issues related to registration with greater ownership, they promoted and took lead in awareness activities in schools. As Adelina, a member of parliament, says: "We have already given lectures on birth registration at Magude Secundary School and at Matchabe Primary School. Where we seek to exchange impressions with our friends on the need for us to be registered".

Adelina, sharing the feeling of the group, of parliamentarians, believes that their efforts have had some effect because "in one of our monitoring actions, we went through the conservatory and there we saw some of the people with whom we would have talked. Which is a good sign for us. In addition, we have already witnessed massive adherence to one of the fairs held here in Magude", she explains.

However, the contribution and active participation of the Magude children's parliament is not thus finished. They plan to intensify their activities even more, in order to ensure that this knowledge is continually shared with other friends, who will therefore take it to the parents, aunts, or anyone else they are living with.

On the other hand, the older ones are also targets of our training. As case of Cecília Mutemba, head of the women's division and social work, in Magude, whom parliamentarians thank for their support - "social action witness good practices of awareness raised by children's parliament, and we thank a lot for their support, participating actively in the actions on the same themes led by us adults", says Mrs. Mutemba.

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