O que nós fazemos


 We are one of the world’s leading independent organisations for children.  We save children’s lives. We fight for their rights.  We help them fulfil their potential. Through our work, we put the most deprived and marginalised children first to ensure that all children benefit from the progress the world is making. The goals we have set ourselves are not easy. But by building strong partnerships with communities, governments, businesses and donors, we have the audacity to say that it is possible.

 Fighting for chidren’s rights for nearly 100 years Since it was founded in 1919, Save the Children has transformed the world for children. Through our pioneering work on the ground and our campaigning, we have helped define and deliver the promises the world makes to its children – from the first ever Declaration of Children’s Rights in 1924, drafted by our founder Eglantyne Jebb, to the 1989 UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.

 In 2016 Save the Children is made up of 29 member organisations and Save the Children International.

 US$2.1bn was our combined income 56m children were reached through our, and our partners’, work at world wide.


In 2015, Save the Children in Mozambique directly reached 1,525,872 Mozambican children, more than three times the prediction of 500,000 in the country annual plan. The 835,638 adults reached directly is slightly under the predicted number of 900,000. We reached 1,760,676 children indirectly, significantly more than the 1 million predicted, and 4,922,948 million adults/duty bearers of child rights indirectly, more than double the predicted number of 2 million. Through a thorough participatory and analytical process, SCIMOZ developed a strong strategy affirming its focus on Education and Health & Nutrition for the next 3 years considering its leadership position in those sectors within the country, with CP, CRG and Child Poverty primarily addressed on their side as foundational thematic areas, supporting that sectoral focus on Education and Health & Nutrition and contributing significantly to the achievement of results in these sectors.